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Kitadex Roofing and Cladding System


Kitadex roofing is the longer lasting solution for your roofing and walling needs that produced by hot dipped galvanised iron pre-painted sheet JISG 3312 or unpainted galvanised iron sheet JISG 3302.

Kitadex roofing comes in various colours with superior paint performance and is ideal for projects that require flexible and cost effective building solutions. Like all steel building materials, Kitadex roofing is recyclable - making it one of the most sustainable building materials for application in industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Regular sizes and specification available are shown in the following table.

Gauge 32G, 30G, 28G & 26G
Effective Coverage 760mm
Length According to Customer's Requirement

Care & Handling

Kitadex roofing is normally delivered to the building site in strapped bundles. If not required for immediate use, it should be neatly stacked clear of the ground and left it in the open, should be protected from rain and moisture.

To preserve the surface finish, it should be handled wearing clean dry gloves. Do not slide it over each other or over rough surfaces.

Kitadex PPGI Metal Roofing Sheet
Kitadex UPGI Metal Roofing Sheet

Kitadex PPGI Metal Roofing (Crimp Curve)
Kitadex PPGI Step Roofing