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KWP Steel Fabric for Concrete Reinforcement


All steel fabric manufactured in compliance with Malaysian Standard MS 145 are of the highest quality where stringent quality control are imposed to ensure consistency and reliability. Most of the steel fabric produced uses ribbed profile wires or wires processed through deformed cold roll reduce method.

Ribbed wires are widely used in Malaysia and many developed countries where the advantages clearly show superior bonding and anchorage with concrete compared to plain round wires. All KWP Steel Fabric electrically welded main wires and cross wires made in which the quantity and length of both enable flexibility in producing multiple dimensions.


Advantages of using KWP Steel Fabric Standard Sized and Custom Sized

Overall, KWP Steel Fabric provides an economical alternative to tied-in-place bars. The facts below:

  • Quicker placement and Installation: Reduces labour and time requirements by eliminating the need to tie individual bars together. Faster sorting and arranging at site reduces overall construction time.
  • Faster and more accurate Inspections: Wires are precisely and consistently spaced and electrically welded. Inspections are quick and easy.
  • Eliminates wastage and reduces overall weight: KWP Steel Fabric custom size is manufactured to your design specifications, providing the exact steel area required without wastage. The lighter weight reduces transportation costs and provides easier handling.
  • Reduces Cost: Using Welded steel fabric provides greater strength and often reduces the amount of steel required by as much as 25%.

Lapping Details

In using KWP Steel Fabric, to achieve full yield strength in sidelaps, the fabrics must be overlapped by two cross welds with an addition of at least 25MM. To achieve half yield strength, the fabrics must be overlapped by one weld with an addition of at least 25MM. Full strength lap should always be provided when lap length is not specified.

Anchorage in Concrete

The embedment of the welded cross wires during the concreting process of KWP Steel Fabric will provide the anchorage necessary to develop tensile stresses within the wire. One weld will develop a minimum of 50% of the specified characteristic yield stress of the wire.


If a specific design requirement requires end anchorage, KWP Steel Fabric can be bended in the form of hooks to the overall design structure. KWP Steel Fabric can also be bended in accordance to the required size and shape, hence, time and labour can be further reduced for pre-cast and drainage works at site.

Types of Steel Fabric

KWP Standard Sized Mesh
KWP User Specified cut-to-sized Mesh

KWP Steel Mesh in Roll
Hard Drawn Wires

KWP Fine Wire Mesh