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Samson Gabions and Mattresses


Samson Gabions and Mattresses are manufactured using the highest quality materials that are durable at the same time cost effective. In the onslaught of global warming and rising sea levels, the need to protect property and lives are the priorities of governments all over the world. In preventing the loss of land, Samson Gabions and Mattresses can be used to stabilize and control corrosion at coastal areas and riverbanks.

Gabions are essentially wire mesh baskets filled with rocks to form monolithic gravity mass structures which are used primarily as retaining walls to stabilize slopes and embankments. Working together with our customers and consultants / Professional Engineers, end users are mainly Government Agencies and developers. With proper design and specification with specific applications, Samson Gabion and Mattresses can be custom-made with multiple dimensions to suit any requirements.


Samson Gabions and Mattresses are constructed using Heavily Galvanized Wire with or without PVC coating and the wires comply with BS 1052 and have an average tensile strength of 380 - 550N/mm2. The minimum PVC coating is 0.55mm as per compliance with BS 4102 which translates to an overall nominal diameter of the PVC coated wires of 3.30mm and 3.80mm respectively. Apart from that, all Heavily Galvanized Wires is galvanized in accordance to BS 443 which stipulates the minimum required zinc coating weight as follows;

Wire Size
Min. Coating Weight
2.20mm 240g/m2
2.70mm 260g/m2
3.40mm 275g/m2

Samson Gabions and Mattresses are constructed by flexible double twisted mesh designed not to be easily unraveled. Filled with natural stones, over time, soil particles will be deposited into the small voids of the stones, allowing pockets of vegetation to take root. This camouflage can provide a more natural look in any retaining structure or corrosion control project.

Advantages and Applications of Samson Gabions and Mattresses:


Monolithic at the same time offer flexibility, Highly resistant to corrosion, Environmentally friendly which allows growth of vegetation, Simplicity in erecting as no special tools are required, Permeable in nature to avoid hydrostatic nature, Minimum foundation work required.


Retaining wall & Slope Stabilization, Erosion control for coastal protection by sea walls and sand dunes, Embankments stabilization, Bridge support protection, Channel linings etc

Samson Standard Sized Gabion
Samson Custom Sized Mattress / Gabion

Samson Standard Sized Mattress